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Animal Lovers Bird Room



Booboo and Kimber, bare eyed cockatoos

Booboo and Kimber


Spanky, a bare eyed cockatoo


Our Bird Room Manager:  Jabba the Hut 

Jabba is our longest resident; he came to us in 1994. His previous owners were moving and I promised to keep him and his friend Pete, a Yellow Nape Amazon together. Pete has since passed away and Jabba will always have a permanent home here at Animal Lovers. He is our biggest harlequin macaw and he will welcome you into our bird room. When our birds get too noisy, you will hear him saying “Be Quiet!”


Our Welcoming Committee:  BooBoo, Kimber, and Spanky (bare eyed cockatoos)

BooBoo will entertain you as long as you are in our bird room.  He will swing upside down saying phrases like “Weeeeee”, “Hi Baby”, “Pretty Bird”, “Can I come and play?” and many more.  When you leave, he will say "Bye Bye" to all of you.


Kimber is a little girl and only says “Hello”, “Hi”, “Hi Kimber” and “Hi Kimmy”.

Spanky also is a little girl and the only word she has learned “Hello” but makes up for this by offering her friendly handshake to anyone that is willing to take chance. 


The rest of the bird room is made up of baby birds that are waiting to go home and they are all hand-fed. Many people are pleasantly surprised with our bird room. They don’t expect to see such a wide variety of birds in such a small store here in Torrance. Customers are always commenting on how friendly our baby birds are.


It is not uncommon for many of customers to lose track of time while interacting with the birds. This is because the bird room is separate from the store, which protects the healthy and safety of both our birds and visiting birds. Though the welcoming sounds may seem overwhelming it is actually the sign of happy, excited birds that are used to being around people and enjoy their company.

We encourage people to come in and visit. Many of our customers come in to get their “birdie fix” - a time to escape the world around them and enjoy time with our birds. There is so much to learn by watching the birds interact with each other and well as with you. It is a great way in beginning to choose a bird that best suits your life style.