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Dog Care


For puppies 8 to 12 weeks, feed them four times a day. For puppies 3 to 6 months, feed them 3 times a day, and dogs over a year should be feed two meals a day. It is better to establish a feeding schedule and stay with it. Fresh clean drinking water should be available at all times.

It is best to stay away from generic brand names. Instead choose a premium-quality grain free dog food. It’s best to stay with one brand of dog food. If it is necessary to change at a later date try to stay within the same ingredients. You can feed your dog both wet and dry food.

Whatever your dog has not eaten within a half-hour you can then remove. Store any leftover can food in the refrigerator but microwave the food to room temperature before feeding it to your dog. Dogs should not be fed table scraps because it is the quickest way to disrupt their digestion system.

Some of the products that you should not feed your dog are: alcohol, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, raw onions, garlic, chives, grapes, raisins, yeast dough, tomato leaves, stems and unripe fruit, raw uncooked meat, bones and milk.


Your dog needs exercise to maintain physically fit and simulate their minds. Lack of exercise is the leading cause of obesity in dogs. If you do not have a backyard for your dog to play in then it is necessary to walk him at least once a day - twice would be better. Encourage your dog to exercise by having toys around that you can toss or play tug a war with.


You should brush or comb your dog’s coat at least once a day in order to keep the hair in good condition by removing dirt and spreading natural oils throughout his coat. This will keep your dogs skin clean and irritant-free.

It is recommended that you should bath your dog ever 3 months. If your dog plays outside you may have to bath more often. Always use a non-chemical, natural shampoo to help maintain a healthy coat and skin.

To help your dog get used to nail clipping it is recommended that you first have them get used to you touching their paws. You can do this by rubbing your hand up and down their leg and then gently press each toe. Be sure to praise them and give them a treat when they allow you to touch their paws without resisting. It is important to start this at an early age.


We would prefer your dog had access to both inside and outside. Either way you need to provide them with safe housing. Early crate training is best for the dog. If you don’t crate trained your dog then provide him with a dog bed. If your dog goes outside be sure to provide shelter like a doghouse.

Identification Tags/Microchip/Collars

Even if your dog is indoors all the time they should wear an identification tag or be implanted with a microchip. It only takes a second for a dog to slip pass you through an open door. The ID tag or microchip will help in the safe return of your pet. If you use a choke chain for training, do not leave it on your dog all day. Your dog could easily get the chain caught on something and seriously hurt themselves or even kill themselves.

Obedience Training

Enrolling in a neighborhood obedience class when your puppy is at least 6 months old is recommended. Any younger and they will not have the attention span to learn. Everyone can enjoy a well behaved puppy as part of the family.  

Spaying and Neutering/Veterinarian

It is important to have your dog spayed or neutered by at least 6 months of age. Females are spayed while males are neutered. By taking care of this you are being a responsible pet owner in preventing the birth of unwanted puppies.

To find a reputable veterinarian in your neighbor, you can ask your local pet store or breeder. When you visit your veterinarian, for the dogs safety always provide them a dog crate. It is best to establish this relationship with your vet before an emergency happens.