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Store Hours

Mon-Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday:10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our Staff

All our staff are knowledgeable and friendly animal lovers! The owner, Tomi Takemoto, is an expert bird breeder and handler. Other staff members include reptile and bird experts. We are always available to answer any of your questions, provide tips and encouragement, and do everything we can to help make your pet experience a rewarding one.


Agustin Ibarra has been with Animal Lovers for the past 13 years. He came to us when he was still a teenager and he has been contributing towards improving our store.  All of our customers totally appreciate his contributions and knowledge in helping towards keeping their birds and reptiles healthy and happy. 

You will see him grooming birds, reptiles, and small animals anytime you visit our store.  Or see him assist customers in setting up a custom home for their reptiles.  Any of you are welcome to visit him just to watch him.  It is amazing how skillfully he does his grooming and how quickly he does with least amount of stress to the animals. I consider him to be one of the best avian groomer in South Bay!



Our part-time workers/volunteers are Gloria Ibarra, Rachel Craver and students from local schools.  Without their constant help, we would not be able to function as an efficiently ran pet store.  My sincere thank you to all of them!  I am sure you see every one of them helping customers except Susan.  She comes to our store early before store hours and she is gone before our store opens.  You will see her with her husband, Joseph, doing recycling when she is not at our store.  Say Hi when you see her blue truck full of cardboard boxes!!


Lastly, my best helper of all, my husband Tosh, who helps anywhere we need him.  When you see him, say Hello!  You will also see him early in the morning at "Donut Den" with his old time gang drinking coffee and eating donuts discussing current events and reminiscing old time events.

Our staff keeps us together by daily task of feeding, cleaning and caring for our animals as well as boarding guests. Each of our staff members are well experienced in the caring and well being of our variety of animals.