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Teeth Cleaning

dog and cat teeth cleaning very 3rd Thursday of the month

Teeth cleaning is offered on the third Thursday
of the month in the afternoon.

Call us at (310) 378-3052 to schedule an appointment.


Non-anesthetic cleanings are recommended EVERY 6 months

Veterinary Supervised Non-anesthetic Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats


This anesthesia-free method has proven effective for thousands of patients, and it offers you a gentle way to protect the teeth and gums of your pet on a regular basis without the risks of anesthesia.

Our Veterinary supervised team uses a combination of Ultrasonic scalers and hand scalers to effectively remove prolonged tater build up as well as clean effectively below and above the gum line. Lastly, each procedure finishes with a dental polish.

Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning Without Anesthesia Are: 

  1. Less expensive.
  2. Takes less time. Approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the status of the mouth
  3. Avoid the risks of anesthetic drugs.
  4. Avoids the need for pre-anesthetic blood work.
  5. Very effective in keeping your pet in good oral health

How Do I Know if My Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning?

  • Bad breath, one of the first signs of dental disease.
  • Red, swollen or recessed gums
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Excessive plaque and tartar buildup
  • Drooling (sometimes with blood)
  • Yellow/brown plaque on the teeth or near the gum line
  • Difficulty eating

Cleaning Services

  • Register by calling (310) 378-3052 or stopping in at the store
  • Flat Rate of $125 for all dogs and cats
  • A $15 deposit is required when registering