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Mon-Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Tomi Takemoto

I was born in Japan during World War II. During and after the war, I went to grammar school, junior school, and left Japan in 1954 at fourteen years of age without knowing how to speak English I attended Junior High School, High School, Junior College, and a four-year college in this country. I graduated with a degree in Finance.

For fourteen years I worked as a bookkeeper at Buxton Wallet Co. and then as an accounting manager at Westech in Lynwood. Due to my health, I left the corporate world in 1987 and bought a small grooming/pet shop - presently known as Animal Lovers Pet Shop. I did dog and cat grooming for about two years and decided to discontinue that part of the business and go into a more animal-oriented business. After serious research, I chose to expand my business with birds and reptiles and discontinue carrying fish.

As I think back, I made a good decision. I had no idea what to sell, how to hand feed, and how to keep them healthy. I learned everything from Palos Verdes Bird Farm owners, their staff, and our customers.

As I learned the bird business, I found that our customers were loosing their birds because they did not have their birds’ wings clipped. I made a decision to do “Free Grooming Excluding Beak Trimming” for our customers’ birds.

I try to get the best bird toys available, bird seeds and pellets that are healthy for our birds, and I researched and found one of the best Certified Organic Pellets and Seeds for our customers.

I also found the necessity to offer our customers a safe and clean boarding facility at a reasonable price. I have one of the best boarding facilities - totally separate from public view. It includes one of the best filtered Pi Water systems I have air filters throughout the store, and natural and organic products for our birds. I also have a twenty-four hour surveillance camera, alarm system, and 24-hour staff on site.

Another need I recognize as a bird owner is to have our baby birds microchipped and sexed if possible before they are sold.

We just had our 20th Anniversary Sale in June. Our next big event will be our annual Christmas Sale which is always one weekend before Christmas. Mark your calendars and plan to stop by. This is our way of thanking our loyal customers for patronizing our store. I love my store and hope that so do our customers!