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Message from Fiona - Help Support Bindi and her Kittens


Hi everyone Fiona here. I wanted to update you with what is happening at Animal Lovers, and let you know that we have not moved - we are still here. We have moved our boarding facility over to the store side and still have the same amount of boarding cages. Please stop by and check us out!

I also want to introduce you to Bindi my adopted sister and her kittens. Bindi and her siblings came to Animal Lovers as rescues about 7 months ago. Three of her siblings were adopted right away. Just her brother and her were left. Their caretaker thought that they were both boys and they were put into the front window area with the other rescue kittens. This is where she ended up getting pregnant.

It was right during the middle of our move that Bindi gave birth. Unfortunately she had the same kind of pregnancy as I did. One of the babies was breeched. The first part of giving birth was easy. She had three beautiful little kittens. Mommy Tomi knew she was having problems with the last kitten and took her to the Emergency Clinic where she had emergency surgery. This saved her life, but unfortunately, her last kitten did not make it.

Currently Bindi and her kittens are being fostered right now - they were getting too big and we simply didn't have the room they properly need.

Mommy's bill came to over $2000. We are not funded through any grants and we are a small business owner. If you would like to help mommy Tomi with your contribution we have setup a GoFundMe account. You can also contribute at the store. Any help that you can give us is greatly appreciated!