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bird ultimate perch
Jabba, the beautiful Animal Lovers' macaw,
making a landing towards his namesake perch, "Jabba"
The Samba Ultimate bird perch Jabba Utlimate bird perch Gwendolyn Ultimate bird perch

The Samba
Heavy-duty model
9 1/2" x 9 1/2" PVC frame
Large 2 1/2" suction cups
1 1/8" solid wood post


The Jabba
Heavier-duty model
9 1/2" x 9 1/2" PVC frame
Extra large 3 1/2"
suction cups
1 1/4" solid wood post
Detachable post


The Gwendolyn
3 1/2" suction cups
5/8" solid wood post
For a large array of birds



Have your land on the safest, most stable perch, bar none.

What your bird has been chirping for - a perch that supports birds of all sizes and weights, whether in the shower or hanging out by the window.

Now you can rest assured your macaw, parrot, cockatiel, or other featured friend will be safe and happy on The Ultimate Perch.


  • Safety tested and undeniably the most secure perch on the market.
  • Does NOT budge, bend, slip, slide or fall.
  • Solid wood post swivels 170°
  • 8" post is stable and secure in all positions
  • Rubber bumpers with stainless steel screws
  • All materials made in the USA
  • Unrivaled design and safety

Other perches bend, break and slip. So put an end to your search. The Ultimate Perch is the best and last perch you will own.

Sold exclusively at Animal Lovers Pet Shop. Made in the USA.

The Samba $49.00  
The Jabba $39.95  
Replacement Perch
for Samba and Jabba
The Gwendolyn $14.95